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The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™

“How To Purify Your Space, Be Your Most Productive Self, And Find The Serenity You Long For In Life”

Are you a busy person who feels frustrated because …

    The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ Will Soothe the Chaos in Your Life!
  • You do a lot, but at the end of the day, you never seem to have gotten anything done.
  • You try to balance work and home, but when you get caught up with one, the other falls short.
  • You keep things tidy on the outside, but end up hiding clutter behind doors and inside drawers.
  • You try to organize, but the kids come right behind you to mess things up.
  • You seem to be doing everything while your family relaxes or doesn’t seem to care.
  • You have so much “stuff” in your home that there is little room left for “people.”
  • You try to set up organizing systems, but have little or no energy left after meeting work and family responsibilities to actually implement them.
  • You want to catch up with friends and neighbors, but you would rather ask people to meet at a restaurant than to meet in your home because it’s too cluttered.
  • You spend so much time doing for others that you have zero time left to spend on you.

… then I’m really glad you found this page today! Why? Because I’m about to reveal to you THE SECRET for getting organized – and staying organized – for good.

“I’ve Tried To Get Organized Before, But It Just Won’t Stick”

Have you tried to get organized, maybe multiple times, but to no avail? Well, you are not alone. Some say this happens because they are too busy or don’t really have the time to stay organized. Others claim it’s because they became overwhelmed with the idea, or lost motivation altogether.

However, there’s an important – yet little-known – reason for these failed organizing resolutions, hopes, and dreams. The real reason lies in the fact that people try to achieve an organizing ideal – or what they believe organizing should be – instead of organizing their life according to their own rules.

In other words, it’s common for people to see amazingly organized homes in magazines and on TV, and think: “That’s what I’ve got to do to be organized!”

And because everything seems so picture-perfect, this first thought is followed quickly by another one: “How am I going to pull THAT off?”

Well, I’ve got FABULOUS NEWS for you! You don’t have to “pull THAT off.”

While there’s nothing wrong with trying to be Martha Stewart, it can often backfire on you if the concept doesn’t work with your habits, routines, personality, lifestyle, or YOU. In the end, to have an organized, balanced, and fulfilled life, it’s best to craft systems that work for you – systems you love – rather than trying to copy the systems that look good in glossy magazines.


“Carmen has significantly improved my productivity, efficiency and organization … [she] offers creative solutions that work and is worth every penny!” ~ April Choulat


“What I love … is … you’ve infused the ‘why’ into the ‘how.’ I now have a heart motivation for organizing … not just the drudgery feeling of ‘what a mess – I HAVE to clean that up!’ A perfect blend of structure and flexibility for this clutterbug!” ~ Grace L. Heer


“Carmen puts the professional in professional organizing. She’s done a wonderful job of creating products and services to enhance the lives of her clients.” ~ Standolyn Robertson, organizing expert on hit TV show Hoarders


“The Solution That You’ve Been Waiting For Is So Effective And Oh-So Easy – You Will Wish You Stumbled Upon It Years Ago!”

The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ Helps People Create INDIVIDUAL Organizing Systems That Work!Through my work as an award-winning professional organizer and productivity expert, I have uncovered four unique organizing personalities. By understanding your distinctive organizing personality, you can create long-lasting systems to support your best life.

In order to share this information with as many people as possible, I have created a fresh, simple system called the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse: Purify Your Space and Your Life™ that is revolutionizing the organizing industry as we speak.

On this 21-day journey, I’ll be discussing the source of your clutter issues and how you can conquer them – once and for all. In other words, this is not your average de-cluttering system.

This is more than just a handful of tips, like “to organize your kitchen do this” or “to tidy up your closet do that.” Those are what I call surface tips, since they tend to repair the surface of things, and often just for a short time. The results don’t last because there is a bigger root cause behind your clutter issues – a problem that is not hard to remedy IF you have the quick-fix (and long-lasting!) solutions inside the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™.

Of course, there is definitely a time and place for surface tips and tools. BUT if you don’t understand your organizing personality, your core clutter problems, and why clutter keeps creeping into your home, your office, your schedule – then you are likely to fall back into your bad habits, no matter how great those surface tips may be!

That’s why this 21-day period pushes you to dive into some of the deeper causes of YOUR clutter issues. And it goes well beyond the clutter in your space to tackle clutter from a whole-person perspective, so that you can FINALLY CONQUER CLUTTER FOR GOOD!

“In 21 Days Or Less, I Can Show You How To Live Your Best Life Yet – However YOU Define It”

What is your *best* life? Is it …

  • Having more free time for family, friends, and fun,
  • Feeling like your home is not overwhelmed by disorder,
  • Having a sense of peace rather than feeling pulled in a million directions,
  • Finding what you need when you need it,
  • Or something else entirely?

Whatever you desire, it CAN BE YOURS. Don’t you think it’s time to finally live the life you’ve always wanted? The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ will give you the tools you need to change your life for the better … for good!

Here’s just a taste of the helpful information this system will provide for you:

  • The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ Will Help You Live Your Best Life!How to identify your organizing personality, and how to leverage its power to create organizing systems that support (instead of frustrate and overwhelm) you.
  • How to access the PULSE that nourishes your organizing personality, and how it can help you not only get organized, but stay that way.
  • How to identify the six types of clutter that are bogging you down, and how to set yourself free from their needy grasp.
  • How to set up filters to keep clutter from coming back into your home, work, time, and life.
  • How to create an easy, doable way-ahead to keep you on track and clutter-free for life.
  • And many more how to’s!

The bullets above cannot begin to describe what you will uncover about YOU and your life. Everyone’s 21-day journey will be different, but they will all be equally powerful.


“No one needs to be disorganized if they have access to Carmen Coker! If you feel life is running you rather than you running your life, Carmen … is just what you need to take back your power!” ~ Lynn Moore


“I am so thankful I found you, Carmen. Every year I vow to be more organized. Finally, I found the answers I was seeking. It was so much more than what I expected!” ~ Debbie McNeill


“Reading back in some of my old journals I’ve stumbled across, I see that my ‘clutter’ problem and intense desire for internal peace has been ongoing for 16-plus years (or probably much longer). I … finally have room (internally and externally) to really start enjoying life instead of feeling trapped and overwhelmed.” ~ Dottie Barnes


“So … Are You Ready To Take ONE SMALL STEP That Will Change Your Life FOREVER? Then Here Are All The Details You Need”


The progression of the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ is generic, as in Day 1, Day 2, and so on. The days are not associated with any calendar dates in particular, so you can start and/or pick up the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ at any time.


  • A professionally packaged, spiral-bound Daily Guidance Journal, consisting of a short, enlightening read for each day that will help you discover a whole new organized world!
  • A pack of 21 Daily Guidance Cards to inspire you to new heights, motivate you when you need a gentle push, or remind you to follow your dreams.
  • A beautiful organza drawstring bag to organize your Daily Guidance Cards and keep them safe.
  • A Daily Guidance Audio Recording to accompany the journal entry for each day, so that you can listen on the go or as your schedule permits.
  • An all-inclusive disc with the complete set of recordings so you can neatly store the materials in your personal library and easily access them forever!
  • A specially made DVD pocket to protect and store your disc.

BONUSES (Over $150 Value!)

  • An 11-inch by 17-inch full-color My *Best* Life Blueprint™ poster ($17 value), outlining your new step-by-step plan to transform your life from clutter-filled to CLUTTER-FREE – fast!
  • A “VIP Backstage Pass” ($147 value), giving you full access to an exclusive email address to ask me your single biggest organizing question – without the VIP price tag.

The Q-and-A opportunity is worth the price of this product alone – and then some! My private clients pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to get this kind of access to the award-winning expertise that will change the course of your life as you know it.


Each copy of the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ is individually printed to ensure that you receive the most current information available. This means that everything included in the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ (see “PRODUCT” section above) typically arrives on your doorstep within 10 to 14 days if you are based in the United States or two to six weeks if you are based internationally.


I am over the moon about the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™, and I know it’s going to be an amazing ride. (In fact, the words “blow you away” come to mind!) But if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the system, or feel that it doesn’t deliver on everything promised, you can return it for a full refund. But you must make the refund request within 60 days of the date of purchase. After this date, refunds are no longer honored.


I’m currently bottling the power of the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ for $147 just $97.

At this price – with 21 days power-packed with information, 21 Daily Guidance Journal readings, 21 Daily Guidance Audio Recording tracks, 21 Daily Guidance Cards, a full-sized My *Best* Life Blueprint™ poster, VIP email access to an award-winning professional organizer for the chance to get expert advice, a fully inclusive disc with a DVD case, and a beautiful organza drawstring bag – this system is an UTTER STEAL!

Rest assured, this price won’t last long … especially when you consider that it is less than $4.65 a day. That’s about the price of a cup of coffee! And one thing’s for sure – a cup of coffee won’t change your life like the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ can …

The 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™

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Special Price: $97 USD

For a Limited Time Only!

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I hope you’ll give yourself a much-needed gift and join me for YOUR transformation. I promise you, if you take the information inside the 21-Day Clutter Cleanse™ and apply it wholeheartedly to your life, YOU WILL SEE UNIMAGINABLE RESULTS.


Carmen Coker

Carmen Coker
Professional Organizer

PS. How do you want your life to be in six months, twelve months, two years, five years, even ten years? I know you don’t want to be exactly where you are now, stuck in a frustrating clutter rut. You want to be living life to its fullest! The time is now, YOUR TIME IS NOW …

PPS. Remember – you’re making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so don’t wait any longer!